This Holiday Season: Start Your Home Business On Top!

This Holiday Season- Start Your Home Business On Top

This time of year can be extremely tedious for the average shopper. Searching on and offline for gifts for family and friends as we all know, can be pretty stressful. Between trying to find the time to shop between work and school, and budgeting the amount of money to spend can easily make the holiday…

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Lifestyle Design Journey: Step 1 – Decide What You Want

Decide What You Want

The very first step in designing your ideal lifestyle is to decide what it is that you actually want.  Ya pretty much gotta figure out why you are wanting to change your life. Some key things you’ll want to consider are: What Is Most Important To You? As you may already know, when I got…

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How To Get Started In Lifestyle Design

How To Get Started In Lifestyle Design Patrice Walker

How To Get Started In Lifestyle Design by Patrice Walker You probably have heard the phrase, “Lifestyle Design” around the internet on blogs and websites over the last years.  But let me start by giving a quick Patrice-style definition of what it means: Lifestyle design is all about being able to choose the life that…

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The Stay at Home Mom: Secrets To Your Success Revealed

secret to success

Many stay at home moms have some sort of interest in generating an income from a home business, but they often have certain doubts. It is possible they have heard stories from friends and family members who had businesses from home, but gave up on them for various reasons.A number of businesses in the past…

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The #1 Reason Your Home Business Is Failing

Your Home Business Is Failing

The network marketers who understand how to use technology to sign up an endless amount of sponsors will crush the ones still making that sad list of their friends and family.People just aren’t realizing that they’re getting the short end of the stick. I’ve learned by trial and error in my career and discovered the…

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5 Steps To Explosive Sales

Explosive Sales

The industry of network marketing is changing rapidly. It’s a proven fact that the professional network marketers who do well have the formula for success tightly packed. It’s also a proven fact that network marketers that are simply unaware of this system must get in on the action or they will sink!Today’s top network marketers…

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Generate Killer Income: 6 Simple Steps!

6 steps to success

It is so much easier to make money in network marketing today, than it was years ago. Still, many have not had the best of “luck” as the top gurus in the industry have had. Part of the problem is that the unlucky mlmers are going according to the “Old School” methods of the business.…

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Go Ahead, Have Your Home Business Opportunity! But Cover Your Assets First!


Between the amount of money it is costs to promote a business without any return on the investment, and not succeeding at getting a functional downline together, the results can be overwhelmingly frustrating. This unfortunately is a common tale of the vast majority of mlmers that are put in serious debt and give up on…

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3 Surefire Steps To Writing Articles That Bring In Dollars!


For the average network marketer, the existence of their business is often short lived. There are different scenarios that prevent companies from reaching their full potential. One of the main issues is that mlmers are often unable to figure out effective marketing strategies. The top network marketers in the industry have this down solid and…

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Outsource Your Blog and Free Your Life

BLOG on speech bubble price labels

Outsource Your Blog and Free Your Life! So why would you want to outsource your blog? Why should you? One of the most beneficial things about having a business that ‘runs itself’ online is being able to kick back and just let it go. Although it sounds simple, and as though it is like turning…

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Spouse Support

work from home successfully

Does your spouse support you and your business? Unfortunately, there is a large number of women who have no choice but to answer “no” to the question. So what is really going on here? It is natural for a woman to want their spouse to be on board with what they are doing. Knowing that…

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Working From Home Successfully

Work From Home Successfully

Working From Home Successfully: Even in a Down Economy, Moms and Dads Have Discovered A New At Home Profession that Works Moms and dads are taking advantage of working from home. Even in a down economy, many are realizing that they can get organized and generate income from home. So what is this big at…

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How To Set Up A Website Hosting Account With Hostgator – Part 1

Hostgator Account Set up

How to Set Up A Website Hosting Account With Hostgator – Part 1

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Survive Economic Recession: 3 Simple Steps for Securing Additional Income for Your Family


Families are discovering new ways to survive economic recession. One of the most popular solutions, believe it or not, is not specifically to join the millions of people searching for replacement jobs, but instead, to put their energy and time into learning how to build profitable businesses of their own from home. Now, it probably…

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Work From Home: Quit Your Job Before the Economy Quits It For You

Work From Home: Quit Your Job Before the Economy Quits It For You

Work from home? Yep. People have laughed at that title. But you know what the sad reality is? It is so true! Today, you have to be careful. With that, I mean that you have to protect yourself. Ya know? Protect your family. Protect the things you care most about. Protect your investments. Your 9-5…

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